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Life is Feudal

Postby RomeoMike » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:16 pm

Server Name: [ZA]The Black Gate RP server: rules @
Skillcap: 1200
Judgement Hour: 19:00 - 20:30 every day


1) Since RM:LiF is a roleplay server, players should try to roleplay their character and skill set. Roleplay can be done at the level of complexity that fits the player. Use of both global chat, local chat, voice chat, and TeamSpeak is allowed. But avoid unnecessary clogging up of global chat by being considerate and whenever possible trying to use TeamSpeak, local chat or Steam chat.

2) Only 1 character is allowed per player. GMs have 2 characters - one for play and one for GM actions.

3) Improper language use, trolling, bullying and insulting in global chat channel in a way that is not in the spirit of roleplay is not allowed. Even though this is roleplay, players are expected to behave in a respectful way to each other. And if someone says STOP to signal that they don’t want to participate, give them a break.

4) The Trader Station and Large Warehouse in M-13 on this map: is GM built as a neutral trade point to meet and trade. So, please do not build anywhere near it, do not build monuments near it, and do not claim it. GM will have to delete such claims, and that might also lead to a warning/ban.

5) All character names must be medieval-ish and in the spirit of roleplay. No duplicate or same-ish names will be allowed. Oh and please try and be a bit more creative than a Vikings (tv series) character name:-)

The following are rules for roleplayed conflict/combat/war situations on RM:LiF. Failure to follow these rules can lead to warnings and/or ban.

1) No Kill on Sight (KoS): If you have no plausible reason to end another player’s life, it will be considered KoS, and this is not allowed.

2) Peace: Unless war has been declared, peace exists. During peacetime any attacks, robbery, theft or murder is considered a crime. Crimes will be investigated, and the court can - after discussion between the Chieftains/Kings of involved guilds - make a verdict that a certain player is deemed to be an outlaw/criminal. A bounty in coins or tradable goods can be announced for apprehending this individual. An outlaw can be captured, knocked down and/or looted, and after this the sentence can be seen as fulfilled and the criminal is considered free again. Repeat offenders may receive a death sentence.

3) Capture: When someone yields, he is considered a captive, and may be held as such for a reasonable time for interrogation/looting. (5 minutes max). Captive is free to go when told to do so or 5 minutes are up. Any attempt before that is considered an escape attempt. An escape could lead to a manhunt, re-capture or even death.

4) War declaration: War between guilds/factions/alliances can be declared by senior member of the guild. A war Dec can only follow after a parle between chieftains/kings and witnesses attending said parle. After the parle, assuming that negotiations were inconclusive, Declarations of war MUST be announced in GLOBAL chat, and MUST also be acknowledged by the other party. When declaring war the attacker must state a "just cause" ("casus belli" or war goal) as the reason for the conflict. This might e.g. be to claim sovereignty over some land/resource, to defend the honour of a guild member, to stop paying taxes or insist on the loser to start paying taxes. War goals should be realistic and not too overambitious. If other guilds or settlers ally with one or the other warring guilds, this should also be announced both in global chat and discussion forum.

5) War: When a state of war exists between two guilds, the peacetime law is lifted, and attacking, stealing from and robbing guild members from the other warring guild is legitimate. Warring parties should try not to target players from other guilds and neutral settlers, but all players should be more careful during a state of war. A GM might encourage both parties to roleplay peace talks and negotiations that might result in cease fire and/or peace agreements if the war drags on too long or is stalemated.

6) Griefing/Trolling is prohibited: Actions that are not realistic or in the spirit of roleplay, does not benefit you and are aimed solely at messing with and consuming time from other players, such as log floating, is prohibited. Building near another guilds lands to destroy or fuss with them, destroying objects, cutting down apple/mulberry trees and other "torched earth" tactics is prohibited. Using log piles, dirt piles or other players heads to jump over walls/palisades is also prohibited. Claiming another guilds houses/gatehouses is also prohibited. Entering another guilds base or houses through open gates/doors, through openings in walls and using siege equipment or ladders is allowed (but you can, of course, be marked as "criminal" for trespassing by the other guild).

7) Cheating is not allowed: Using the command "/stuck" for the purpose of going past obstacles and into another guilds base is prohibited. Logging out while in a battle to avoid getting killed/looted is not allowed. If you need to log off due to real-life constraints; yield, let yourself be looted, and then log off. If you manage to get into relative safety (e.g. out of sight, hidden in woods or locked inside claimed house) then it is legal to log off. "Infinity piling" and "macroing" (using a device that automates the character while player is away from keyboard) is not allowed.

8) Don't linger/overkill: After someone has died, is looted or the 5 minutes of captivity is up, let the other player get away. Loser is adviced to retreat to safety immediately. If loser decide to keep fighting, it is allowed to defend. Try not to kill someone who has yielded.

9) Peace agreements: Both parties should try to negotiate and roleplay a cease fire and/or peace agreement. The "just cause" ("casus belli" or war goal) that was used when war was declared should be kept in mind, and the overall results of the battles should also decide whether it calls for a "white peace" (a draw: no guild gets benefits) or one guild being the "winner" and the other the "loser". Peace deals can include agreements such as: An amount of taxes being paid for an agreed upon time period from looser to winner (taxes should be realistic, look at resources/losses etc), loosing some privilege (such as trading with a specific settlement or using a specific iron mine), or transfer of vassals/serfs from one guild to another. Peace deals can of course later be broken, but if that is detected it will call for renewed negotiations or count as a "just cause" ("casus belli") for another war.

10) It is not allowed to purposefully make a wall of trees.

11) During peacetime, one should try to avoid attacking new players for their first 5 reallife days of playing at the server, as they might leave the server if they are targeted. The new player can inform others about this in global chat if uncertain. During wartime if new player is part of one of the warring guilds, or if the new player himself or herself participate in some sort of combat or threatening behavior (like trespassing, robbing, threatening or attacking), he or she is a legitimate target for the opposing forces.

12) GM (God Mode) power should of course not be misused to gain an unfair advantage, neither before, during or after combat/war - due to it being highly unrealistic, very unfair and not at all in the spirit of roleplay.

13) Each guild is allowed to make a maximum of one - 1 - attack/raid during a 24 hours period. This is due to this being a roleplay server, and too heavy player vs player (PvP) action will make peacetime-based roleplay, trade, crafting and building nearly impossible. This is also a safeguard against raiding turning into overkill/griefing.

14) Armed conflict in RM:LiF should preferably take the form of guilds agreeing on meeting each other armed and ready on a chosen battlefield at an agreed time and date. This will make more realistic and balanced medievelish battles, and will allow for preparations so the battle will be just and fair. Also, this will allow players who prefer to stay away from battle to do so.

15) Guerilla tactics of surprise attacking lone, unarmed players who are building, crafting or doing other kinds of peaceful activities should be avoided, due to this being unfair and can severely hinder possibilities for all players to do the peaceful roleplaying/crafting/building/trading that RM:LiF wants to promote.

16) A guild does, of course, not need to make a declaration of war to defend themselves with armed force inside their claimed territory against one or more players who are trespassing, stealing, attacking, harassing, trolling or acting in a suspicious or threatening way. This includes to defend houses, structures, objects, players, fields, trees, mines and other resources inside or in the close proximity to claimed territory.
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